Hello ! My Name is Partha

It has been almost forty years since picked up the camera professionally and I have not stopped since.

About ME

Apart from Bengali Wedding Photography, I use my studio and even the outdoors for fashion photography as well. I have also freelanced with several reputed news agencies and magazines like, Sananda and Outlook, sometimes representing the entire eastern region of India. I have also done street journaling photo projects in Kolkata and my hometown Barrackpore, and the videos have been widely shared on social media.

Now running a high-end photo studio, with grand success, I believe that until my last breath, I will pursue his art and have no intention of giving up. Living with my wife Chaitali and my children Arko and Uttara- I am a cook and a musician, playing up to seven instruments. A great practical joker in real life, my life has truly seen a complete spectrum of colors and I wait eagerly to what’s coming next.

Check Some of the Reviews

"Parthada shot my wedding photos. He is someone who knows how to build a personal rapport with his subjects and make them comfortable for the best clicks. He is warm, funny and very intuitive in his approach. Sometimes you wouldn't even know that he has snapped your best frame out of nowhere. Highly recommended."
Aritra Halder
"You were the best photographer in my life and always will be… You are the master of both editing and photography and The best photographer i saw is you"
Mohitosh Bhowmick

Learn Photography In My Workshop

Does this sound like you?


You’re a photographer who’s been asked to take photos at a friends wedding. They asked because they’ve seen some of your nice images, but you’re naturally concerned that you’ll let them down.

You have a few weddings under your belt, and want to gain confidence, improve quickly and develop your own style
You’ve photographed quite a few weddings but want to learn some new creative ideas

…or maybe you’re just interested in learning how to become a great wedding photographer

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