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Do you want to tell a story, capture family memories, sell a product, or simply take photos of the beauty around you? Well, learning photography will definitely help fulfill your creative vision. As a beginner, you will need to learn how to master basic digital camera functions and equipment.

I will Give you the knowledge and skills you need to finally master your camera and capture pro-level pictures – every time.

 My Workshop teaches you several fields of photography: from creative photography to landscape to portrait to fashion to travel  photography to editing and more.

Hi, I am Parthasharathi Gope and I am delighted to give a general PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP to all of our Photography loving Facebook Users who are looking to improve their photography or start their professional carrier in the coming season!! This 5-day event will concentrate on our experts sharing the mysteries of photography and presenting the fundamentals of photography software’s and different devices to ensure all our beloved amateur photographers to learn the art of beautiful life moments on field.

What You Will Learn

Wedding Photography

Capture Every Moment In your Wedding.

What's included

Learn all important moments in a wedding, All poses and how to create professional lights in a wedding ceremony to capture the moments.

Portrait Photography

You Are Something Between A Dream And A Miracle.

What's included

Our photography WorkShop will jump start your technique for photographing people. We look at some of the better approaches to creating portraits that both photographer and subject can be proud of.

Fashion Photography

Beauty Can Be Seen In All Types.

What's included

Fashion and glamour photography is rapidly gaining popularity. With the help of my Photography Workshop, you will learn how to work with your model to get her looking and feeling her best.

Basic Photography Workshop

This 5 Week Course Can Let you start your Photography Career Imidiatetly After this Workshop

Advanced Photography Workshop

Do you already know basics of photography but now want to improve your style and learn more to be a professional photographer? This photography workshop is for you.

What you will learn  In this Photography Workshop:

  • Introduction to Photography – What , When and Where.
  • Run through the work of some Master Photographers in the field.
  • How to choose the best camera settings and camera mode like Basics brush up on General Photography – ISO , Shutter Speed & aperture.
  • Master Composition Techniques – What to see when you are in the wild (Visualization) & How to Make, as opposed to take, great photographs. How to nail the perfect composition
  • A brief on why creativity in people’s life is important and how it will lead you towards success.
  • Knowing your subject, Approach and Patience.
  • Importance of light , shadow , angle & depth of field in photography and How to identify perfect lighting environments.How your camera captures light, how it gets onto your computer, how the colors are enhanced, etc.  These are the basic technical concepts one must learn in order to get the most out of whatever camera you own!  
  • Photography Ethics & Safety when shooting with people.
  • Technical aspects of Photography, You will learn the fundamentals of aperture, shutter speeds, exposure, and the difference between shooting in studio and outside locations.
    — Ideal camera setting.
    – Deciding best camera & lens ( Focal length) for different types photography.
    – Focusing (Manual Focusing and Zone Focusing).
  • Understand basic Photography workflow – From dressing up, Equipment to Processing your pictures.
  • Photography review (Get your 3 best picture). 
  • How to find your unique photography style.

Frequently Asked Questions

A workshop on photography is a place for everyone interested in photography to pay a visit every once in a while; especially workshops organized by renowned professionals. It is a great place to observe and learn, not to mention the opportunity to talk with expert photographers about your own ideas. The experience and knowledge you can gather from a good workshop on photography is simply something you can’t gain from anywhere else.

To learn how photographers work in real situation and how to set up professional lights and use your camera in a professional manner.

This work shop will give you hands on training on photography with studio level equipments, lights. With this you can kickstart your photography career and start your own photograpy business.

1. Anyone interested in learning about Photography for the first time, or anyone that is already familiar with photography basics.

2.Photographers Interested in portraits in general.

3. A hobbyist or Planning to attend a fashion photography session.

The workshop is suitable for professional and amateur photographers of all levels with any photographing device DSLR’s to Semi DSLR. However we recommend you to familiarize yourself with using your Camera and Phone camera before attending the day, this will enable you to enjoy the experience fully.

I received several inquiries and recommendations from our facebook photography group last year about organizing some kind of dedicated training in the field of photography so that they can improvise on their skill set and produce better photographs during personal or professional events. Really a precious and sincere idea!

Yes You can meet with other photographers in our photography workshop and discuss your issues with them.

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